Tips for safe snow removal!

One of the important winter safety activities is removing ice and snow around the house. But hundreds and thousands of people visit the family physician or emergency room to treat wounds they obtained while shoveling snow. If you do not have experience or doing it for the first time, there are high chances of injuries. Guelph Snow Removal is the top snow removal service provider, which you can depend on throughout the winter season. We have shared snow removals tips, guidelines, and more here that you can implement when you do on your own.

Safety tips for heaping the walkway or driveway!

Know when you should not shovel: Shoveling snow is not an easy task and it is not recommended for all people. If you have heart issues or other medical conditions, it is best to outsource this activity.

Warm-up first: Begin starting to shovel the snow, you have to warm up your body and muscles for about ten minutes by performing certain light exercises or stretches. Warming up before doing any strenuous task can help in preventing heart attacks and injuries.

Dress appropriately: For many people, it would be tempting to shovel the snow in the same dress they are wearing. It is important to wear proper clothing to perform this activity. This way, you can prevent injuries to a great extent. Ensure to dress in layers. If you feel too hot, you can easily remove the clothing. Also, make sure to wear gloves or mittens, a scarf, a head covering, and warm socks. It is recommended to wear waterproof boots and soles that remain slip-resistant.

Select the right shovel: If you are utilizing a snow shovel, you have to see whether it suits your level of strength and body size. Also see, whether it comes with a handlebar that is suitable for your height. It should be at the right length. If you choose and use a short one, you will be sloping forward while shoveling the snow. Because of doing this way, you will be experiencing a back injury or severe back pain. Always make sure to select a comfortable and good snow shovel. It should not be too heavy or too long.

Look out for slippery areas: Before starting the job, look out for slippery areas, uneven spots, and patchy spots. After you clean the driveway, you should sprinkle rock salt on the area. It will be helpful when the forecast turns towards freezing rain. Are you wondering why rock salt is sprinkled after cleaning? Well, it aids in melting the ice and reduces the chances of slipping.

Avoid overexerting yourself: Do not stress or overexert yourself when you work. Take breaks often and relax. It is best to warm up yourself once in an hour or two by resting indoors. If you even take breaks for about five to ten minutes, you would feel fresh and relaxed. If you are feeling pressure or pain in the chest, see your physician immediately.

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