Everything you need to know about bamboo fabric washing


Enough has been discussed about the benefits of bamboo linens and beddings. Now, if you need to know how to wash bamboo sheets without losing their mushiness, this article has it all. From regular washing to removing tough stains from the linen, the essay covers almost every nuance of bamboo fabric cleaning. Find out more here about the best-selling bed sheets in the country that are worth spending.

Bamboo sheet washing guide for first-time buyers

The first buyers might find the sheets a bit stiff against all the hype that made them buy the fabric. Bamboo fabric makers suggest washing the linen before using them as the sheets might contain chemicals stuck during their making. But care must be taken not to use detergent for the first time, as that might end up locking its chemicals. Instead, washing the sheets with a mixture of 240 ml of baking soda and 240 ml of vinegar is best recommended for the first-time washing.

Wash the bamboo linens in a washing machine on a gentle cycle using cold water to ensure a long life. It is found that washing the linens in hot water can shrink the fabric, and cold water is best to wash them quicker. The sheets turn rough after washing and may return to their lush and mushy self once dried. Spread the sheets outside and let them dry naturally. Natural ways of drying add extra softness to the fabric.

Removing tough stains from bamboo sheets

Bamboo sheets are normally difficult to wash, and when it comes to removing tough stains, the fabric could give you some hard work. But it is not completely impossible. Baking soda is considered a great alternative to detergents that can help get rid of stains effectively. Here is how to do it.

Removing Sweat and body fluid stains from bamboo bed linens

Yellow patches of tough stains are a great turn-off and are equally embarrassing if visible after a wash. Stains are normally the work of bacteria that could happen if the sheets are left unwashed. It is advisable to wash the bed sheets frequently to avoid building up these patches. Use detergents like Oxyclean over the stain and rub on it until the entire detergent is completely dissolved. Then, wash it either manually or in the washing machine until the stain is gone. However, if the stain persists, consider repeating the process.

Removing blood stains

Bloodstains are the most annoying and require quite an effort to remove. The best way to remove bloodstain is to wash them immediately. First, soak the sheets in enzyme cleaner in cold water for some time. Next, rub the stained part to remove the hardened stain. If the stain is tough, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia mixture.

Once the stain is entirely removed, wash it normally in cold water.

Store the bamboo sheets and bedding in a cool and dry place away from the direct sunlight. It is also advisable not to store the fabric in a plastic bag or container as it might end up yellowing the sheet due to moisture.

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