A List of the Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrities are usually closely followed by the fans around the world for a wide range of reasons. One of the reasons is for the purpose of the fashion ideas and tips that include elaborate jewelry. Even though many of the festive pieces are seen on red carpet for different events, a great deal of the celebrity bling is seen when the celeb makes an appearance. People get awestruck by the outstanding diamond and gemstone rings bought from diamond stores Toronto which some celebrities boast of. Take a look at some of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings of all time, their styles, the stones, and how we can be inspired by these.

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Mariah Carey

If you know anything about Mariah Carey, you will know that she not quite subtle.  Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the engagement ring is one of the most expensive rings that you will come across in the industry. It costs $10 million and it consists of 35 carat of diamond which is flanked by two small diamonds says the diamond stores Toronto. It is pretty impressive that she manages to carry this kind of weight around.

Kim Kadarshian

In case the owner of the previous ring was an indication of the kind person that goes for these jewels, it isn’t going to come as a surprise that the next celebrity on the list is Kim Kadarshian. She was proposed with a 15 carat diamond ring from Kayne West which is rumored to cost $8 million. The large rock was mounted on a delicately studded diamond band.


The ring that Beyonce has is going to remain one of the most expensive and elaborate an engagement ring which belongs to someone who is taken to be as flamboyant in nature. The 18 carat diamond ring she costs $5 million and sits on a double band.

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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has the track record of costly engagement rings as she not only received a stunning 4.5 carat diamond ring that costs $1.2 million from her fiancé Ben Affleck.  Again, she also received an 8.5 carat diamond ring from her ex-husband Mark Anthony.

Blake Lively

Diamond stores Toronto says that if you want to know about a simple engagement ring for modest celebrity then you need to take a look at the 12 carat diamond ring of Blake Lively which cost $2.5 million.

Anna Kournikova

One of the most beautiful engagement rings that you will come across among the celebrities belongs to Anna Kournikova.  Diamond stores Toronto states that it is a pink and colorless diamond ring which is of 11 carat and is worth $2.5 million.

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Katie Holmes

Another diamond ring belongs to Katie Holmes. This was given to her by Tom Cruise. This $1.5 million ring includes a 5 carat oval diamond which is surrounded by 6 small diamonds. This is $1.5 million diamond ring which includes 5 carat oval diamond which is surrounded by smaller diamonds of 6 carats.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is the real wild card when it comes to flashy jewels says diamond stores Toronto. She is pretty well known for her enormous emerald jewelry that she wore ion the red card years ago. Her engagement ring is pretty simple in respect to her background. Even though its boasts of 16 carat diamond, it costs only $500,000. This was presented to her by Brad Pitt.   

Details About Fire in your Dryer

There are so many things you can do in summers, go out in the sun, stroll on the beach, plant flowers, and much more. You love your fun outdoor activities don’t you? But at the end of the day there is nothing like home sweet home. So above everything you must ensure the safety of your home, and make it secure at all costs. Fires are a huge hazard, but very people know that the most common cause of a fire within the house is dryer fire as found out by duct cleaning service Toronto in their long time in the business. Neglecting the servicing of your dryer vent can lead to such hazardous incidents. About 15,000 fires occur every year due to this as estimated. Apart from that there is always the risk of being poisoned by carbon monoxide due to improper setup of the dryer vent. All of these hazards can be evaded if you clean your dryer vents properly.

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How and Why Does it Happen?

The turning drum in the dryer vent expels the hot air. Wet clothes are placed on this drier, and they get dry due to the hot air flow through those vents. Estimations by duct cleaning service Toronto suggest that a full load will supposedly contain one gallon of water or one and half. The lint of these clothes while they are being dried gets formed and then flies into the dryer’s filter where they get trapped. The moist air also carries this lint which accumulates into the vent and the drier itself. This lint is extremely hazardous and highly combustible. With time it can lead to the breaking of a fire.

The exhaust vent of the dyer can also get blocked, bird’s nests usually form in these vents causing a disruption and the system gets defective. So as duct cleaning services Toronto says cleaning the duct and servicing them is extremely necessary. Faulty exhaustion leads to faulty functioning, leading to overheating which in turn may lead to fire.

Cleaning your appliances especially the electronic ones is not a luxury, it is a necessity. It is indeed about making your appliances last longer and provide better service but it is also about safety. Most accidents occur due to negligence, as duct cleaning services Toronto observes and has seen in their many experiences, and warns against negligence towards the management of such devices.

If you cannot safe keep them then don’t buy them or use them. There is no point causing a risk to yourself or the people around you. Fire is an extremely destructive hazard and is not very easy to control, and electrical fires spread in a minute. The entire house will be engulfed in fire destroying all your belongings and even lives. Duct Cleaning service Toronto provides cheap and effective service to anyone who wants to avail of it, so you will get the best and most skilled professionals offering their help to you. Your home is your biggest asset, do not neglect its maintenance.

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How to Prepare Your Basement for Waterproofing?

Having a property, recreational or commercial will take the most of us, years of dedicated living and savings on lean budget to finance. It is considered to be a principle investment and even if maintenance is essential, there is some problem that you neglect such as basement. This is because people never go down there.  However, with time, families are looking for new uses for their basement and new living space by ascertaining that it is functional and dry. If you are incurring some problems with moisture in your basement, consider basement waterproofing.

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Tips to Prepare the Basement for Waterproofing

  • A plan is important to carry out any kind of activity.
  • The first step that you need to take is that you have to be preventive. Do a research and find out how you can start with this. Make sure that you do not waste time and wait for an actual flood to occur prior to taking an action.
  • Check out the flaws in constructions like soil sloping, faulty gutter system, wall paint quality, and landscaping. If you do a proper diagnosis when find a sign or problems, you should take charge of the situation.
  • When you are done assessing the personal situation, your next step is to identify a professional contractor for your basement waterproofing. If you panic, it is going to create a situation when the experts that you want to work with might not get scrutinized.
  • The next thing that you need to do is assess the waterproofing options like sealants, drainage system, sump pumps which include the route estimate of the type of cost which will take place in the entire process.

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Things to Do After Basement Waterproofing

  • You should clear everything from the floor till it is bare which includes the stores furniture and items.
  • Make sure that you make use of the broom to sweep the floor thoroughly which includes the corners and the crevices.
  • Use a dry or wet vacuum to continue cleaning the small items that you might have missed.
  • If you have to continue with the cleaning part of the process, you can mop the floor with clean water.
  • You need to ensure that no one is entering the basement after the basement waterproofing and leave the floor to dry.

Cleaning is an important step to make sure that there is nothing on the walls or floors which can stop the waterproofing materials from bonding with the concrete and installing a vapor barrier in a continuous sheet. This will enable you to create a healthier and drier space.

Water can enter crawlspace or basement in various ways. In case you are worried about the moisture in your basement, you should get in touch with a professional waterproofing service.  There are various reasons for your basement requiring waterproofing.

Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

  • When you have a dank and musty basement, it will not be that good for your lungs. Mold and other allergens will get into the air and then into the lungs. As a matter of mold will also start taking over the walls and the foundation.
  • If you decide against basement waterproofing, it is going to be valuable place at your home. Homeowners store everything that they have down there. This is the reason it is important to ensure that it is dry.

Gold coins or Gold bars?

Choosing gold as an investment is popular among many. Always seen as attractive for its price compared to other assets, gold is preferred by many. It might also be a change from all the other assets you already have and provide a much needed diversification. There is a range of gold products to choose from. But it may leave you confused. Also there are a lot of buying options, and you can always buy gold bars online.

Gold bullions

Bullions are preferred over collectibles, because of its liquidity and more reasonable price. The bid-ask price of collectibles may rise to about 30% at times. This means that the price of the gold has to rise over 30%. They are also not easily liquidated. The 1oz. gold coins and the 1 oz. gold bars are the most common amongst bullion products.

Difference between bars and coins

Clients often ask the difference between the two both in terms of type and prospects. To buy gold bars online you must go through these points. The three aspects that are to be considered while buying both are summed up as follows:

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Investors who have not invested in gold before wonder how products of gold sometimes sell at a higher price than the spot price. Spot price is the current price of gold per ounce as traded in community markets globally. Fabrication, distribution and minting prices are excluded from it.

About 95%-98% of the bullion’s overall price is the spot price. The 2%-5% that remains is attributed to the distribution, selling and production costs. The purchasing price of a minted, refined gold bar or coin on spot is around 2.3% – 4.5%. You can expect a similar range even when you buy gold bars online.

Prices vary also according to demand, supply and market dynamics. However they are not supposed to include a delivery fee.

U.S. mint will charge 3% on spot per gold Eagle inscribed coin. For 1oz. bar is usually pretty close to a 1 oz. eagle coin. But the 1 oz. coin can also be sold at a higher premium rates compared to a gold bar of 1 oz.

However knowing the purchase price solves the equation only partially. The bidding price also must be looked at. So keep these in mind when you decide to buy gold bars online.

But this investment can be sold differently. A 1 oz. gold bar of around $1324, and a 1 oz. Eagle coin priced $1361, will create a round-trip cost of the bar to about 4.6% and the coin price is lowered to 3.20%. If you buy gold bars be sure to remember this example.

A good understanding of both the ask price and the bid price is important for buying gold bullions.



Purity is an important aspect. Gold bars offer more in terms of amount compared to coins. So if amount is a concern then buy bars.


In terms of liquidity both bars and coins will be easy to sell. As bullions are for a long term investment, selling them is always in the minds of investors. So, proper information is necessary.

However in terms of transparency gold coins are easier to sell compared to bars.

So, keeping these in mind when you buy gold bars online will help you understand your investment better. If reselling is your biggest concern then opt for coins. And if you are looking getting the most amount of gold, choose a bar. The choice is hence, yours. Catch the latest news on investing and buying gold here!

How to Keep Your Bongs Clean?

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When you are in college, having fun seems like the most important thing to do. You barely care about hygiene when you are at frat party drinking you beer out of plastic cups that everyone has dipped their dirty hands into. But as you grow older that habit changes, now doesn’t it? Now you probably cannot even imagine doing something like this. But that should not mean that you won’t have fun anymore. Smoking weed or buy bongs Toronto will never go out of vogue, but you must consider your hygiene even when you are on weed. If anything you must definitely refuse to use a dirty bong while smoking. Bongs cite a number of health hazards related to such habits.

Tips to Keep the Bongs Clean

A lot of young people use a homemade gravity bong, maybe to save money, but also for the fun associated with such ‘do it yourself’ projects. Now what are these homemade bongs made up of? Well, usually they are a two-liter, half cut bottle of sprite, and set into a trash can. Does not sound so hygienic, does it? Buy bongs Toronto says a strict no to this. Why inhale such stale things and cough your lungs out you are clearly risking your health. As you grow older you will realize that inhaling smoke out of such dirty substances, is questionable. And many of you do not even change the water in the thing. Layers of foul smelling tar accumulate within the bong and it can make you really sick. Although college students often do not care about such habits, but adults sure do.

You will not be seen as a responsible adult if your habits are so bad. Maintaining a healthy and hygienic lifestyle should most definitely is at the top of your priorities. Dirty bongs are strictly undesirable. But there are also other, more important reasons to take care of your bongs. Buy bongs Toronto points out that, each cannabis plant produces a different taste. They are unique in their aromas and stale water does not exactly bring out the flavor of the leaves. As the dirt, oils, mildews, water and ash accumulate over time, they cause distortion to the flavor. This does not give you the experience that you want. Contrasted to this, smoking from a clean bong filled with fresh water and ice, will leave you feeling as refreshed as though you just left a spa.

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The second more concerning factor is your health. Bongs are considered to be the perfect nest for bacteria, yeast and pathogens. You must have noticed that if you leave a glass of water out a few days a film will be created on the top, called biofilm. Those are basically microbes living on the surface of the water. Buy bongs Toronto mentions that this will mix with the plant matter that you put inside the bong. This will lead to the formation of harmful pathogens, namely streptococcus.E.coli and also black mildew. These will then grow inside your bong leading to respiratory problems, like pneumonia, strep throat and emphysema.

So now that you know how to keep your bongs clean go ahead and purchase one at buy bongs Toronto.

What are the Benefits of Binder Dividers?

Organizing files, documents, and folders at the workplace can be pretty time consuming.  Most of the people do not like sorting out documents at work and spend valuable time which could have been used otherwise.  However, if you can keep the documents from the very beginning, you will not have to struggle to search any document or file when needed.  Using binder tabs or binder dividers for keeping the office work organized is a great idea. It will not just help in keeping the documents organized and keep the space clutter free but will enable you to work more efficaciously. There are several benefits of index tab and dividers.

Here are some benefits of binder dividers which will enable you to organize your paperwork.

binder divider pages

Keep the Paperwork Organized

The primary benefits of using Binder Dividers are that all the documents you have is going to be placed neatly at a particular place.  Moreover, it will not get mixed up with the other documents.  All you have to do is place the documents under the right type of category. Thereafter, you have to put into the right folder with the right tab and label.

Locating the Documents is Easier

When all the documents are placed under the right folders with the help of proper binder dividers, it turns out to be easy for the user to identify the document or the file. This, in turn, will save the person from suffering through all kinds of files in order to look for a specific document.  With the help of the dividers, you will know exactly from where you will have to pull the document.

Affordable Means of Being Organized

You can use it to organize your paperwork is more affordable than employing the person to look for the documents and files for you. Dividers are available in affordable prices. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most efficacious ways to make the workplace more organized.

Creates Good Impression on the Clients

The clients tend to get impressed when come across organized paperwork at a particular office since you will take no time to locate the document of the client with the dividers. The client is going to be impressed with the organized business firm.

Professional Workplace

If all the files, paper, and folders are properly organized and indexed with the help of binder tabs, it will create positive vibes.  Everything is going to be sorted and organized. Thus, it will provide a professional appeal to the office.

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High Durability

Index tabs or dividers are made of good quality material which is pretty durable.  The tabs which are coated will enhance the ruggedness. Thus, when you have go premium quality index tabs, it is going to work for a long period of time.

Less Maintenance

When some of the binder dividers get old and wear out because of the excessive use, it can be replaced with the new ones. For this, you will not have to spend a large amount of money since they do not cost much.

Allows Use of the Custom Tabs

There are dividers which can be customized to suit your business requirements.  Customization is not going to cost you any extra money. You will be able to do this over the internet.